We create virtual worlds that Xceed your expectations

Software platforms for one-time events or your permanent corporate communications tool. 

How We Work

As a content consultancy, our first order of the day is to ensure that we offer sound advice and relevant solutions independently. We listen to your needs, analyze the input provided to tailor our content so that it’s suitable to you and not to any specific software or platform.

Our services derive from the firm belief that good content is the foundation of our expertise, which are: Digital Xperiences and Communications & Consulting.

To gain a better overview of how our work can benefit you, please take a look at our PrtX MatriX.

While we offer solutions for your single events, we also offer a permanent communication tool, integrated into your company operations.

Where We Perform

The communication tool can serve as a seamless replacement and upgrade for your existing digital and virtual solutions. The upgrade allows us to focus on content that captivates the attention of your internal and external stakeholders to ensure that they experience information, not just listen to it or watch it passively.

Once the tool is implemented, you can use it at any time to optimize internal and external events, such as corporate meetings, trade shows, and conferences.

You can think as big as you want to about your virtual events, too. Unlike real-life events, there are no limits to their size or geographical location.

Our platform is designed to engage and inspire, without complicating the UX. Whether you virtually host a company kick-off, a full-scale trade show, a product demo, want to conduct multi-regional sales training or want a dedicated platform for your internal and external company communication, we create virtual formats that evoke real-life performance. 

Because ultimately: your company and your employees deserve a place, they can call home.

Are you ready to take your corporate communications to new heights? 

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