What We Do

Your global Event Partner that delivers measurable Performance through virtual Xperiences.

Globally informed - locally effective

Our global, remote-first structure enables a host of unique benefits for our clients, especially clients with a global presence. With our team strategically located in key locations in Europe & North America, it gives us the necessary agility to respond to your needs with superior creativity at greater speed – at no extra cost.

While other competitors may have large local teams that work exclusively for their local clients, we combine valuable input from our global Xperts to ensure that our work is globally informed at the same time it’s locally effective.

This 360-degree global approach is our multicultural and multinational standard for your next project.

More than an Event Partner

While many event professionals possess expertise to successfully plan an event, our expertise goes beyond that. Think of us as your communications consultant, content creator and multidisciplinary event partner. We believe that at the heart of capturing attention is content that turns events into felt Xperiences.

To achieve that, we built our virtual events platform that is designed to strengthen audience engagement & retention. Our platform proves as effective as it is versatile for formats ranging from corporate events, company trainings, meeting summits, company town halls to even tradeshows.

While building our platform we were mindful that it will have to respond to the growing need of companies seeking to engage with their remote-working employees. The idea of a permanent communication platform was born, which is designed to function as a virtual office, home to all internal events and to all departments. Because ultimately, your employees deserve a virtual place of work that they can call home.

Measurable Performance

PrtX creates digital Xperiences that maximize immediate and lasting performance benefits, such as inspiring and motivating your workforce or communicating effectively with other stakeholders; and at no point in time has that been more important than now, during the CoVid-19 pandemic.

With a combined 75 years of real-life event Xperience we know better than most, that the days of only relying on feedback questionnaires from attendees are long gone. At PrtX, we offer you GDPR compliant data analytics with KPIs surrounding attendee engagement.

Our capabilities extend far beyond the virtual sphere, as we can make good use of our real-life event Xperience. We are your go-to event partner for studio productions, content for your live formats (such as presentations, keynotes, interviews, roundtables, etc.), talent & venue hire, catering, guest management and anything else you can think of, including CoVid-19 safety protocols and CoVid-19 on-site testing.

Performance, where it matters.

Virtual Xperiences

We specialize in transforming relevant information into Xperiences. 

We believe that information, particularly in a digital space, can only be communicated with optimal effectiveness when it is presented as an engaging Xperience. This belief applies to all information you want to transform into performance internally or externally.

PrtX designs digital & virtual Xperiences: 

Corporate Communications
Company Trainings
Meetings, Conferences & Tradeshows
Marketing Activations

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