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To extend communication for a remote-working world and deliver Performance through Xperience.

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We meet you at the intersection of content creation and virtual communication

Unlike other digital services, we go beyond “what” you want to say to “how” you can say it as an engaging digital or virtual experience. The unique result is knowledge transformed into sustained performance.

A remote-first content consultancy

We pride ourselves on being the first remote-based content consultancy with Xperts located across the globe and ready to create content. The responsive digital solutions you seek are embedded in our company DNA.

Digital expertise combined with decades of experience in live communications

We bring together our digital knowhow with our decades of experience in the analog world with live communications, event planning, incentive travel, destination management, and training development. 

So, we’re ideally qualified to create experiences in virtual environments, where the senses and the mind function at a heightened level to absorb and retain knowledge.


Our seasoned content Xperts adopt a 360-degree global approach that is multicultural and intercontinental. 

When you work with us, you can expect results that meet your goals. You can also expect the speed you need at no extra cost. While our creativity runs on a good amount of coffee and active lifestyles, you’ll also like that our proposals and work are energized by green power.

We Xtend communication with virtual experiences in all venues

PrtX offers you expertise in large scale, corporate, cultural, and smaller tailored productions in fully virtual, hybrid, or even in-person environments. As a result, we’re your destination for the most professional and innovative communication needs. 

Delivered anywhere, on any device

We deliver virtual experiences wherever your stakeholders are located and on any device. These capabilities allow us to design virtual venues for any digital format, accessible from Atlanta to Zurich and everywhere in-between. 

Meet the PrtX team

Thomas Kirchenmajer

Thomas Kirchenmajer

Founder & CEO

As a creator at heart, I am driven by the desire to develop innovative concepts and relevant content that ensure client satisfaction. While I expect high-quality from myself, I thrive by leading a team that shares the same passion for excellence.

Today, during these uncertain and turbulent times, my entrepreneurial spirit and burning ambition helped me recognize the opportunity to create a remote-first consulting firm that specializes in content creation for digital communication. It is the result of a vision that I carried within me for several months that was only missing a spark to make it a reality. The result is PrtX. 

Prior to founding PrtX, I discovered my entrepreneurial spirit and founded my first event agency in 1999, which was located in Munich, Germany.

As I earned my stripes and revenues increased over the years, I expanded the marketing portfolio in 2007 to a second location, in Innsbruck, where I created corporate training programs through outdoor and team-building modules. This natural progression allowed me to combine my entrepreneurial spirit for innovation with my passion for the great outdoors.

In 2009, I joined Liberty International Tourism Group and led the German offices in the over 50 countries in the company’s portfolio until 2018. During this time, I spent five years as the Group’s COO, where I was largely responsible for company-wide structural changes. I implemented new administrative processes which helped modernize the company for sustainable success for the coming years.

In 2019, I took on the responsibilities as Managing Director at PACT for PACT Training and Marketing. My passion for innovative concepts found its home and I led the development of new training modules designed for the development of professional competence.

As an avid athlete, I enjoy staying in shape in the great outdoors, where it doesn’t take much convincing to join a friend for 4-hour bike ride or to run a full length marathon on my own. Often times the best ideas are born then, and it was no different with PrtX.

Unsuprisingly, I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Sports Sciences at the TUM in Munich, where I still live today with my wife and two children.

Marc Weise

Marc Weise

Chief Performance Officer
During the past few years, I’ve spent increasing time studying the foundations and trends in digitalization, brand strategy, and digital communications. The knowhow has helped me integrate seamlessly into PrtX and become a driving force to elevate the corporate communication needs of our clients.

I learned earlier in my career that nothing beats real-life experiences, so after receiving my high school diploma and completing my apprenticeship as an industrial clerk, I entered the tourism and hospitality industry. I enjoyed leadership roles in Turkey, Egypt, Senegal, Thailand and Austria, where I developed an appreciation for living nomadically and a fascination with different cultures.

Along the way, I took a brief break to set sail on a cruise ship where I led the entertainment programming for multiple voyages.

After years of exploring the globe, I returned to Munich, where I pivoted into the event-marketing industry.

Since then, I’ve been developing concepts for corporate events and producing them for many clients, some local and some global. One of my favorite produced events was the “Vertical Catwalk World Tour,” which was for a major fashion house and was staged along some of the highest skyscrapers in the world. Another favorite was a congress at the Karnak Temple at Luxor, which attracted over 1,000 attendees.

I was born in Dusseldorf and raised in Spain, but I found my home in Munich, where I have happily spent most of my adult life.

I consider myself as a “silver yoomer,” which I see as a person who approaches critical thinking and actualization as mix of baby boomer, silver surfer, and member of generation Y – hopefully combining the best parts of each generation.

Today, I still live in the lovely city Munich with my wife and two children.

Mark Paetz

Mark Paetz

Chief Innovation Officer
I have always enjoyed creating experiences from scratch and guiding clients through the process while meeting event and budget objectives, so working at PrtX on innovative solutions that translate into unique digital experiences was a natural transition for me.

My solution-oriented approach to business helps me understand the fundamentals of complex problems quickly. Relating to people and building relationships come naturally to me, and I place a big emphasis on the continuous development of adopting a listen-first approach and an empathetic approach to leadership. 

Prior to joining PrtX, I planned and produced many memorable events. Some of my favorites were the launch in a Bavarian castle of the new album by Cecilia Bartoli from Universal Music, David Guetta’s public concert at Munich’s historic Koenigsplatz, the 100-year anniversary customer and employee event for Steelcase’s “Bavarian Days,” and the 2018 & 2019 US Audi Summer Tour for FC Bayern München’s preseason tours across numerous US cities.

I have desire to exercise a sense of presence in everything I do professionally, which is rooted in my passion for living mindfully.

After graduating from university in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, I gained experience as a Management Trainee at Kempinski Hotels and as a Junior Project Manager at G.R.A.L. GmbH, a live event agency.

In the autumn of 2012, I relocated to Florida to take on a role as Sr. Project Manager for the boutique incentive travel agency, First Incentive Travel.

After moving to New York in 2014, which was a dream come true since visiting the city for the first time at age eleven with my parents, I took on the responsibility of Team Lead of our First Incentive Travel’s nation-wide operations.

In 2017, I was appointed Managing Director for New York and the Northeast for Liberty International, the world’s largest privately held destination management company.

I have played tennis most of my life, starting out early and young in Munich. The sport took me to Barcelona in 2005 to pursue a professional career. While a pro-sports career wasn’t in the cards, I later earned a collegiate scholarship to a US university in 2007. I am still a true sportsman, as well as a big sports fan.

Growing up trilingual in a multicultural family fueled my desire to explore more the world and I have now visited over 48 countries.

Living across the pond from my family, I place the highest importance on spending time with my wife and close friends in New York while make as much use of all digital tools available to stay connected to Germany.

Advisory Board

Peter Hassinger

Peter Hassinger

Chair of Advisory Board
Tax & Economic Consultant
Hans Schmitz

Hans Schmitz

Entrepreneur & Business Founder
Tom Wiggermann

Tom Wiggermann

Entrepreneur & Business Founder

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