PrtX’s Origin Story

It was in mid-2018, while preparing a presentation about digital transformation in the tourism industry for the annual meeting of the  Federal Association of German DMCs, when I first grappled with what digital transformation could possibly look like.  

Lingering thoughts made me conclude that we urgently need to shape the future of this industry, as tried and tested work formats from the past 20 years have become outdated.  

In Spring of 2019, a keynote from  Hannes Kleist about his App programming company  Stanwood was a gamechanger for me. His company is staffed with 40 employees who are spread across Europe, working fully remote. The IT & Tech industry was already moving a lot of workload and assignments to freelancers who work remotely, but in the event, communication and tourism industry this was not a common business model. The idea of building a fully remote simmered in me for weeks, until it finally hit me, while I was mowing my lawn: I must innovate to prepare my team for a remote future.

“… I handed the concept to my bank to see if they were willing to finance the idea… They were!”

I prepared a first concept on how I envision remote work could look like in the field of project management. In the same summer I visited the  Running Remote conference in Bali, where I met a community of digital nomads and entrepreneurs, who shared valuable knowledge. The company I was working for at the time did not see the value of moving one of the departments into a remote model. So, my initial idea, concept and enthusiasm moved into my drawer. 

It wasn’t until February 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic had started, that I re-opened my concept again. I noticed that it had everything but my initial plans to digitalize were not going far enough. As I worked on it over the upcoming Easter Holiday, the idea of a fully remote business was taking shape: A remote-first consultancy that specializes in digital live communications called Perthex (Performance through Experience).  

In May I handed the concept to my bank to see if they were willing to finance the idea… They were! 

Crafting on the concept and moving from business model to business plan, a friend of over 30 years  Peter Hassinger, was immediately on board and supported my efforts. Today, he is the Chair of the Advisory Board and a guiding hand in the background. 

On September 1st, 2020, the company was officially open for business and 2 new reliable partners –  Marc Weise and  Mark Paetz – joined me, working fully remote from Munich and Brooklyn respectively, on this journey of Perthex. With their creative and innovative ideas, the company gained additional expertise necessary to build a remote-first content consultancy and give the company life, out of which the brand was born: PrtX.  

As we started to work on first projects it was clear that the existing offerings on the market were no match to our ambitious ideas, so we built our own virtual event and communication platform. Design forward, UX savvy and innovative yet within reach of people’s imagination. We’re excited to have executed the first virtual client event this January.

If you have questions or feedback to one of our posts or would simply like to find out more about us, we would love to hear from you. 

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