Meet the Virtual Platform Designed for Corporate Trainings, Workshops & Conferences

Expertly designed for corporate events, trainings, workshops and conferences, PrtX’s virtual event platform offers an intuitive design and experience for corporate groups of all sizes.

The rise of virtual events brought on by the pandemic set into motion the virtual event platform boom. And even the return of live events can’t stop the momentum as the industry embraces the future of workplace dynamics and events. 

With so many options to choose from, planning your next corporate event or conference might seem daunting. That’s why our content creators at PrtX – a global, remote-first event partner that delivers measurable performances through virtual experiences – decided to build a platform that isn’t a tired, carbon-copy of live events. Instead, we break away from the overdone two-dimensional virtual event while working closely with clients to create compelling experiences. 

Here are seven other innovative offerings from PrtX that make us a platform primed for corporate events, trainings, workshops and conferences. 

Our platform lets your brand shine. 

Offering increased opportunities for brands to amplify their presence throughout the venue, PrtX’s virtual environment template is highly customizable and flexible to accommodate multiple sponsors. Banners, exhibit booths, colors and textures can all be tailored, while corporate planners can arrange touch points and navigation points to coordinate with branding opportunities throughout the virtual venue. These touch points and navigation points can also be customized by planners to bring users to relevant content of all types (think: PDFs, videos, mp3 files, external links, chat windows and the like) to take their engagement a step further.

“… a welcome break from eye-straining white-light web designs and endless online conferences.”

Whether you’re planning to provide a satellite building for exhibitors or for your company’s individual departments, we offer the full spectrum of visitor-to-exhibitor and employee-to-manager communication in the form of a one-to-one chat or an open channel discussion—whatever the privacy preference, corporate planners have the choice at their fingertips. 

Catering to a global audience? Not a problem. Our platform can also accommodate different languages.  

The user journey is intuitive.

Who needs confusing hallways, stairways or misleading doors you can’t actually interact with in a virtual environment? Instead, enjoy a user experience that’s backed by science: Simplifying navigation has proven to result in better engagement, longer session times, higher user retentions and improved user satisfaction. 

For example, PrtX users can register within the platform and easily navigate through the venue touch points or directly access the desired page using the menu taskbar—not to mention, our platform is mobile-friendly, so the experience looks the same from desktop to phone. This type of highly optimized user journey promotes discovery and offers a virtual experience that feels real. 

Your venue will stand out with 3D modeling software. 

PrtX lets your venue shine using our architectural 3D modeling software to render the virtual venue of your dreams. Once fully rendered, the space offers 3D depth and can be exported from all angles to give your platform an experiential look and feel. Plus, the warm lighting tones provide a welcome break from eye-straining white-light web designs and endless online conferences. 

Templated environments are perfect for planners who don’t want to start from scratch.

Our team also offers an open space template that shines by logically simplifying the layout. Even with this option, there is ample opportunity to customize virtual screens, backdrops and general branding of the virtual venue in your corporate CI colors. 

“… protected against misuse of personal data and against unwanted third parties trying to access or mishandle personal information. Rest assured, your and your stakeholders’ data is stored on a GDPR-compliant German server, which exceeds the U.S. data protection standards.”

Guests will remain immersed and engaged on the platform. 

Engagement should be well-rounded, and the PrtX platform provides engagement opportunities on multiple levels, which looks like: 

  • The ability to track users’ exact entries and exists of livestream sessions
  • The ability to grant or deny access to livestream sessions if that specific session comes with credits that attendees can earn (e.g. a certification course)
  • Inclusion of temporary pop-up questions during livestream workshops to ensure participants remain engaged and allow to better evaluate attendees’ attention
  • Allowing exhibitors the ability to customize their booths with video, chat and external link capabilities 
  • Optimizing livestreams through the Live Voting feature
  • Allowing the audience to submit questions to the speakers, panel and host through the Live Questions feature 
  • Offering users the chance to leave star ratings on sessions, which creates data that can be examined post-event and utilized to produce even stronger, more highly targeted and relevant content in the future
  • Allowing users to explore the attendee list easily within the virtual venue through the taskbar menu and chat with each other directly or view each other’s profiles. (Plus, the matchmaking feature narrows down the search, so guests can seek out attendees with similar interests.)
  • Offering event organizers on-screen, hyperlinked and actionable notifications to ensure attendees don’t miss a session and stay on schedule

Organizers can increase ROI with GDPR-compliant data analytics. 

One of the perks of virtual events is the increased opportunity to gather analytics and data that can help you plan and design your next event around attendees likes and dislikes. That’s why, at the end of each day of an event, planners are provided an overview of the KPIs and data collection—but with more protections in place. Using no cookies, our platform is better protected. The platform operates in accordance with the European data protection standard GDPR. As a result, it is generally protected against misuse of personal data and against unwanted third parties trying to access or mishandle personal information. Rest assured, your and your stakeholders’ data is stored on a GDPR-compliant German server, which exceeds the U.S. data protection standards.

PrtX will continue to evolve with the industry.

When we set out to build the leading B2B virtual event platform, our team developed concepts into formats that make content engaging and interesting, so corporate planners can communicate and amplify their messages more efficiently, and ultimately, more impactfully. And it’s only up from here.

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