Taking Stock – Our project “Corporate Vaccination campaign” – Final Edition

Our “Corporate Vaccination” project, launched on June 7th, 2021, is coming to an end. So, it feels appropriate to take stock of these last couple of months.

There are two ways to look at this project. On one hand, there is the factual (or rational) side of things supported by numbers and data – on the other, there is a human (emotional) side.

The story of facts and figures is quickly told

50,000 vaccinations performed….

…across 63 locations in Germany….

….at 21 companies.

We could certainly add more facts to this list (the usual spiel of making numbers appear better, faster, stronger), but what we want to share is actually something more profound to us…

It seems to me that the story most worthy of telling is the one that cannot be underlined by facts and figures. That story involves the people who we had the pleasure of meeting and of working with. Whether on the customer side, the fantastic medical staff or even the patients themselves, we immediately felt that this was no ordinary event.

“… it became evident that these “vaccination campaigns” had a sort of redemptive quality that everyone felt, regardless of client.”

What was striking was that despite all the tension that prevailed in the run-up – for example, whether enough vaccine would be available, whether the logistical processes outlined on paper would run as smoothly as drawn up at all our different locations, or whether among the client’s employees there would be a big enough demand for the vaccinations – we encountered despite a friendly, almost even joyful mood that prevailed no matter where we put up shop.

This atmosphere of joy was even more noticeable on the days when vaccines were administered. It was especially wonderful to see how clients’ project managers, who are often rather worried given that they are held responsible about an event’s outcome, appeared above all excited. And it wasn’t because they didn’t bare any responsibility or were uninterested in the event’s success, but rather that a sense of gratitude and healing could be felt deeply.

In a way it became evident that these “vaccination campaigns” had a sort of redemptive quality that everyone felt, regardless of client. At times there was a real sense of “good vibes”, everywhere I looked which made this unique project – despite all its complexity and uncertainties going in – one that carried us on a wave of positivity. With every passing hour, this optimistic spirit reached more project members, more medical staff, and every employee, so that by the end of each day we felt on cloud nine.

Yet, and this is one of the most important basic requirements for every project – like it was for this one too – is that 80% of the success lies in the nature of how good an event is prepared. We, at PrtX, were 100% responsible for the smooth implementation of all logistical pieces (personnel sourcing, staff and team scheduling, travel and transportation of goods and staff, construction and dismantling of the vaccination sites, safe transportation of the vaccines, and orchestrating all trades and processes on site). Luckily, we followed our own advice and had done our homework ahead of time. Thus, it was an even bigger reward to see how the preparations paved the way for us to pull off one successful vaccination campaign after another.

So, in the end… what remains after these very intense months of work?

For one, the positive contribution of having helped to vaccinate a part of the German population and therefore improved the chances of containing the further spread CoVid-19. There is also the positive outlook for our own company for having executed the job well, which helped us make meaningful and hopefully lasting business contacts.

And then there is this – and I guess the really essential thing: The satisfying feeling of having accomplished something that goes beyond our own lives, something truly good. The many nice memories of smiling faces throughout the vaccination campaigns have left a lasting impression on us and underlinesour sense of accomplishment.

“Laughter is the best medicine” – and possibly even more healing.

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