Taking stock – Our project: “Corporate Vaccination campaign” Edition I

On June 7th, the German government gave company medical officers & corporate physicians in the green light to being inoculating company employees with EMA approved CoVid-19 vaccines. Meaning employees of companies, who wanted to get vaccinated could do so (in most cases) on company premises by the company’s medical officers & corporate physicians.

“…our plan of action that came on the back of weeks of logistical planning, was about to be put to the real-life test.

For us, and our medical partner MEDISinn Plattform GmbH this meant that our plan of action that came on the back of weeks of logistical planning, was about to be put to the real-life test. Our project “Corporate Vaccination campaign” kicked off!

Together with MEDISinn, we set up temporary Corona vaccination centers directly on company premises. Depending on the available spaces, our creativity was asked to find solutions within the existing infrastructure, whether a company had only a few hundred employees to inoculate or several thousand.

While MEDISinn lead the charge obtaining the vaccines and providing medical staffing, we were in charge of all other logistical preparations, the operational implementation and the overall orchestration of all involved parties (corporate physicians, medical staff and nursing team provided by MEDISinn, staff of hosts/ hostesses, security and just as importantly the safe transportation of vaccines).

During the first two weeks, where we mainly kicked the campaign off with medium-to-large-sized companies, these figures stood out to us:
– 11 companies that were vaccinating simultaneously
– at 30 locations throughout Germany
– with 5 PrtX regional managers, responsible for the major regions (North, West, East, South, Central)
– and an additional team of 14 project managers
– with over 10,000 vaccinations carried out (despite the shortage of vaccine doses Germany’s health authorities distributed; only about 15% were delivered)

To our and the companies’ chagrin, the last point is currently the bottleneck in the campaign. Logistically speaking, we are set up & prepared to easily carry out more than 20,000 vaccinations per week, across all our client’s locations. But unfortunately, there is still a shortage of vaccine that German health authorities are able to deliver. The allocation to company physicians is being rolled out with caution, disabling our and company’s efforts to pick up the necessary steam to help deliver these so crucial vaccines which are the best way out of this pandemic. For now, we deliver our promise to our clients with the given governmental resources but hope to receive more doses with every week so that we can increase our output.

Despite these challenges, the conclusion of the first two weeks is nevertheless extremely positive. The logistics are running smoothly and well, and the weeks of detailed preparations are now paying off. The best and most rewarding part, however, is to experience the positivity and joy from employees at the Corona vaccination centers on-site, whose excitement is seemingly infectious (pun intended; please be assured that our vaccination centers all follow strict CoVid-19 safety protocols) giving our teams the added energy to work long days. A crucial step towards normality.

MEDISinn has established and positioned itself as a competent and reliable partner in the field of corporate health services and occupational medicine for well-known companies. We are proud and happy to support MEDISinn this large undertaking and thus make a small contribution to ensure that Germany reaches a high number of vaccinated people more quickly. We look forward to continuing our partnership with MEDISinn on this and many future projects.

We will stay at the forefront – true to our company motto “Performance Through Experience”.

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